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With internationally recognised vocal coach and trainer Chris Johnson

Chris is a highly experienced vocal coach who understands the demands on performers today, and the vital role voice training plays in developing and sustaining vocal range and strength, night after night. He has helped thousands of vocalists to be the best possible version of themselves through the highest level service and support (see video below). Trained in vocal manual therapy, massage and myofascial release, Chris can also bring these extra skills into his sessions to skip you over those occasional vocal ‘roadblocks’.

Many also felt at a dead end with their voice until having a consultation with Chris (see Chris’s testimonials here).

Major label contemporary artists, singer/songwriters, West End lead performers, and vocal coaches all trust him to take good care of their voices, develop their techniques, and bring out all of the style and artistry needed to take on THE career. Chris is also the co-founder of popular iTunes podcast for singers, The Naked Vocalist, founder of teacher training company, and his unique teaching style is in-demand from London to Los Angeles.

Book a free 20 minute consultation here. In the call, Chris can show you how to achieve your goals faster and with more fun.


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I started seeing Chris after having a few vocal issues caused by acid reflux and post nasal drip. Chris instantly knew the problems and how to deal with them.
Even after our first session it felt like Chris knew the ins and outs of my voice and it’s strengths and weaknesses, and our sessions were always tailored to my individual needs. Chris is a coach at the top of his game and seeing him has made my voice go from strength to strength. Just a few simple exercises each day has changed my life.

Andy Brown
Recording Artist - Universal Music, Lawson
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Chris isn’t just a voice teacher. Having vocal lessons with him has allowed me to improve massively as a vocalist and as an artist, and he also mentored me through my career opportunities and even song arrangements. After having my tonsils removed Chris assigned me daily vocal exercises and helped me rebuild my voice quickly for upcoming gigs, all while keeping my unique sound.
Chris doesn’t just care about my voice but also helps me through my difficulties. Even ‘out of hours’ I could always get hold of him.

Henrietta Adewole
Recording Artist, Session/Backing Vocalist (John Newman/Kwabs/Rod Stewart)
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Chris is simply brilliant. His approach to singing, amazing personality and passion for teaching make him a pleasure to learn with. He’s always willing to go the extra mile to help, and he finds ways to make my voice work better while keeping its uniqueness.
I have been with him for more than a year now and it has been the best decision I have made as a professional singer. I absolutely recommend him! You’ll find a great teacher and a friend.

Maria Jesus Partarrieu
Singer/actress (UK)
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Chris found the answer to a 10 year old vocal issue I’ve had in the first 10 minutes of meeting me – despite it being an issue that couldn’t be explained by other coaches and even ENT specialists. If that wasn’t good enough, he answers every single one of my geeky questions with patience, and often uses gym metaphors (which is great as I love the gym) to help me understand the “how” behind my vocals.
If you’d like to understand your body/vocals better, I’d highly recommend Chris as he’ll change how you sing – not through emulation but through true understanding of how your vocals work. Honestly, every singer should have Chris in their lives.

Melissa de Blok
Original Artist, Writer, Musician (KE)
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