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Happy Clients

I started seeing Chris after having a few vocal issues caused by acid reflux and post nasal drip. Chris instantly knew the problems and how to deal with them.

Even after our first session it felt like Chris knew the ins and outs of my voice and it’s strengths and weaknesses, and our sessions were always tailored to my individual needs. Chris is a coach at the top of his game and seeing him has made my voice go from strength to strength. Just a few simple exercises each day has changed my life.

Andy Brown (Recording Artist/ Songwriter)

Universal Music, Lawson

Chris found the answer to a 10 year old vocal issue I’ve had in the first 10 minutes of meeting me – despite it being an issue that couldn’t be explained by other coaches and even ENT specialists. If that wasn’t good enough, he answers every single one of my geeky questions with patience, and often uses gym metaphors (which is great as I love the gym) to help me understand the “how” behind my vocals.

If you’d like to understand your body/vocals better, I’d highly recommend Chris as he’ll change how you sing – not through emulation but through true understanding of how your vocals work. Honestly, every singer should have Chris in their lives.

Melissa de Blok

Original Artist, Writer, Musician (KE)

Having singing lessons is a very personal and often exposing process – there is a lot of emotion tied up with the voice – and its so important to have a safe environment where you feel comfortable to relax and make mistakes and Chris creates exactly that environment. 

He didn’t impose a method on me, but rather he listened to how I sung and listened to all my concerns and helped me to address them. It’s reassuring to have a singing teacher who is interested in helping you retain your own individual vocal style. As a singer who doesn’t sing pop or classical or musical theatre this is ideal for me. By recording each of our lessons I am able to to listen and revisit the techniques Chris taught me, and I use them every night before and after a show on tour, and when I am in the studio, too.

 After my lessons with Chris I am singing more confidently than ever before and I can feel the difference during and after a show which gives me peace of mind. My vocal range has increased and my ability to confidently and comfortably hit notes in my higher range with more power has been incredibly helpful

Jessica Staveley-Taylor (Recording Artist/Songwriter)

The Staves, Atlantic Records

Chris isn’t just a voice teacher. Having vocal lessons with him has allowed me to improve massively as a vocalist and as an artist, and he also mentored me through my career opportunities and even song arrangements. After having my tonsils removed Chris assigned me daily vocal exercises and helped me rebuild my voice quickly for upcoming gigs, all while keeping my unique sound.

Chris doesn’t just care about my voice but also helps me through my difficulties. Even ‘out of hours’ I could always get hold of him.

Henrietta Adewole

Recording Artist, Session/Backing Vocalist (John Newman/Kwabs/Rod Stewart)

When I left college I was worried about losing my voice, and then I found Chris. I honestly don’t know what I’d do if it wasn’t for his lessons! He’s so relaxed and always cares about how I’m doing, and he gives me great advice that helps me keep my technique on point.

I just couldn’t recommend it enough. He’s the solution to all my vocal issues and questions.

Oscar Balmaseda

Singer/actor (UK) - Magaldi, Evita (West End, European Tour)

Chris Johnson is not your average UK based voice coach. It’s an exceptional coach that continues to push themselves at the level Chris does, and that others can benefit from what’s he’s learned and the connections he continues to make. Chris regularly comes to LA for more education and to pass on any knowledge he might have picked up in between visits – through master-classes and workshops. He has worked for me at our artist development programs in the summer and winter and is always a stand-out teacher. How many UK voice coaches can you say that about? 

As a colleague, I find him important to my own growth.  He is the kind of guy that you want on your team, as he will push himself to the point that it’s contagious and infectious and causes others to want to learn more and be a better coaches.

I am comfortable referring beginning students to extremely advanced singers to Chris, as I know he will meet them and the point of their educational needs, not some arbitrary point.  He is extremely good at reading people, getting to the heart of their desires and knowing what is important to them. If you are lucky enough to be on Chris’ schedule, you will see what it’s like to study with the best the UK has to offer.

Dave Stroud

Vocal Coach - Justin Bieber, Kelly Clarkson, One Direction (US)

Chris is simply brilliant. His approach to singing, amazing personality and passion for teaching make him a pleasure to learn with. He’s always willing to go the extra mile to help, and he finds ways to make my voice work better while keeping its uniqueness.

I have been with him for more than a year now and it has been the best decision I have made as a professional singer. I absolutely recommend him! You’ll find a great teacher and a friend.

Maria Jesus Partarrieu

Singer/actress (UK)

A few years ago I was forced to retire from a full time music career due to losing my voice. After seeing various medical consultants, my vocal cords had such bad inflammation that they were barely meeting at all. Chris had a very easy way of making me feel comfortable and empathising with my own personal experiences. It soon became very clear to me that he understood not just the emotional trauma of losing my instrument, but the physical damage done to my vocal cords and how I could go about trying to repair that.

I live in Dublin, and so we organised to have a Skype session to assess my voice and to make a plan. He gave me exercises to do in between sessions, and encouraged me to be more aware of what I’m doing when I’m singing so that we could work together and iron out the kinks. It was a revelation!

Only three months after we started to work together, I was able to play my first paid gig once again. The relief was overwhelming! It is now just over a year since we had our first lesson. I am now back to singing professionally full-time and I perform at least three times a week. My voice is healthier and stronger than it ever was! I cannot recommend Chris highly enough. In all seriousness, his guidance has changed my life. My heart was broken when I believed I would never sing again. If you need improvement with any particular area, Chris will get you there. He has fixed what I thought was impossible to fix, and I will be forever grateful.

Caroline O’Neill (a.k.a Caz9)

Singer/songwriter (IRE)

Chris is incredibly warm and relaxing to be around, as well as being knowledgeable in all things voice. I’ve really appreciated his ability to not only bring on long term development in my own voice, but also to quickly diagnose and fix the little technical hiccups and ruts I’ve fallen into.

I used to dread going to singing lessons with other teachers, because singing is such a frustrating thing to improve at, but working with Chris has always been an immense pleasure, and a part of the week I really look forward to. To top it off the improvements he’s helped me to make have made singing fun in a way that it just wasn’t before. Meeting Chris Johnson changed my life as a musician, and is one of the best things that happened to me in the last couple of years. I recommend you give it a try.

Sam Brown

Professional vocalist, pianist and voice coach (UK)

I know Chris as a colleague, student, teacher and friend. Since my first meeting with him back in 2008 it was obvious that Chris was one of those teachers who was not satisfied with a superficial understanding of voice and how to teach singers. His passionate pursuit of knowledge, and his ongoing dedication to uncovering the mysteries of the voice has ensured he is able to deliver high calibre voice lessons every time.

He has a great knack of figuring out a way to make very heavy technical and scientific information very accessible to students no matter what level they are at. Chris’ enthusiasm, compassion and expert teaching skills have been instrumental in helping me get my voice back in shape, for which I am very grateful.

Line Hilton

Vocal Coach, R.N. B.Mus.Ed, MSc Perf Arts Med (UK)

Chris was recently a guest speaker at our conference, delivering a workshop to 180 songwriters, artists and producers, and had them all captivated from the start. He immediately bonded with the audience, presenting a fascinating, interactive and really entertaining session which everybody thoroughly enjoyed. Can’t wait to work with him again!

Martin Sutton

Founder, The Songwriting Academy (UK)

I felt completely comfortable in Chris’ company and found from the word go that the sessions were so productive. He helped me solve technical problems which I could have never figured out on my own, and the improvements in my voice were instantaneous. I wouldn’t have any hesitation in recommending Chris, but not too much or I wouldn’t get a slot!

Natalie Andreou

Sherrie, Rock Of Ages (London) / Standby Elphaba, Wicked (London)

Just over a year ago I couldn’t sing, some days I even struggled to speak. Then I met Chris, who helped me rehabilitate my voice after finding out I had nodules. Not only that, he has helped me train my voice back to a performance standard and has actually helped me make my voice sound better and more efficient than it has ever been.

 I can’t actually thank him enough as I thought I would never sing again! If anyone wants to improve their voice or is having any kind of vocal issue I can assure you that Chris is your man.

Demi Hobbs

Pro Vocalist (ESP)

Chris and I met after I was asked to perform in the Philippines for an upcoming tour. I have had 4 separate vocal coaches throughout the years and they just couldn’t do anything with me. This was extremely frustrating. Then as I say I met Chris. Quite simply put he is a genius and I do not use that word lightly. He has completely transformed my voice and after a year this is only the beginning. He has given me a new zest for the business and given me my confidence back. I have just finished a 9 week British tour to great reviews.

I had NEVER had this before. His teaching methods are unique and he mixes exercises with working on new songs. Honestly, I will be forever grateful and I’m proud to say he is my friend. If anyone wants to learn the art of singing, Chris is your man.

Matt Monro Jnr

Touring Artist (UK)

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